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Wedding Bouquet

Christina Bothwell

Legal Wedding Officiant

* Celebrations of Life
* Personalized Hand Made     Candle Momentos
*Ceremonial Officiant

Christina is currently on leave



As a legal wedding officiant, I offer a range of packages from traditional weddings in any style, short and sweet, elopements, and paperwork only.

Additionally, Christina offers wedding favors that are travel candles made of 100% pure soy oil and essential oils.  The labels can be personalized to the couple's names and wedding dates.


"The best thing about memories is making them."


"Christina was a perfect officiant. I was very much looking forward to have a perfect little wedding and she helped us to put together everything. She made sure everything was according to what we liked and recommended the most perfect venue. She then set the perfect tone for the ceremony. It was a very special and perfect day!
I would 100% recommend Christina as a wedding officiant."

Mannat Dhami

Mannat and Bhupinder
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