Wedding Packages

Paperwork Only

Paperwork Only - The couple, the witnesses, the officiant (no vows, no ring exchange, no romance): $150 + HST at my home or $175 + HST (within 30 km of my residence) $200 (30 to 50 km from my residence)  $250 (50km to 100km from my residence)

Traditional Wedding Any Style

Traditional Wedding (Words of Welcome, Reading, Short story of couple’s journey, Legal Questions, Vows, Ring Exchange, Unity Ceremony (optional at no additional cost) Significant Reading or Blessing, Pronouncement, Signing of Papers): $475.00 + HST 


Elopements at my home (couple, 2 witnesses, officiant): $200 (Words of Welcome, Short Reading, Legal Questions, Vows, Ring Exchange, Short Blessing or Reading,   Pronouncement, Signing of Papers) This is appropriate for about 10 people or less.  The duration is approximately 5 to10 miniutes

Prices vary according to location: $250 (York Region) / $ 300 (GTA) / $350 (Durham, Mississauga, Brampton, Simcoe Region)

Renewal of Vows

Just like the Traditional Wedding minus the paperwork

Short and Sweet minus the paperwork is $325.00 + HST

Traditional Wedding minus the paperwork is $450.00 + HST

Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet - (Sweeter than an elopement but shorter than a traditional wedding) Words of Welcome, Reading, Legal Questions, Vows, Ring Exchange, Significant Blessing or Reading,  Pronouncement, Signing of Papers): $350.00 + HST.  This is appropriate for  10 to 25 people.  The duration is approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

There is a travel fee for ceremonies beyond 50km from my residence.

Add- Ons

Destination weddings, boat ceremonies are possible.  Pricing is guided by the total time spent.

A walk-through a week before the wedding is available for $50.  However, it is only recommended for large weddings with numerous bridesmaids and groomsmen

Please scroll down to read about examples of unity ceremonies

Examples of Unity Ceremonies


One of the oldest of these alternative unity ceremony ideas, and particularly known in Pagan wedding ceremonies, handfasting is the joining of the bride and groom’s hands and wrists using vines, cord, rope, or ribbon tied into a knot.  There are many options starting from a very long traditional ceremony to a contemporary symbolic style. By the way, the phrase "tying the knot," when referring to getting married, literally originates from this tradition.

Jumping the Broom

Jumping the broom is an ancient wedding ceremony tradition. “This is often using alongside a handfasting wedding ceremony – the couple will have their hands bound together before they jump over the broom, which signifies leaving their single lives behind and jumping into their new married future together.

The roots of broom jumping originate independently in parts of Britain, Paganism, and African American culture.

Ring Warming

“Ring warming is a great way for guests to be involved in the ceremony ... “The best man (or woman!) steps forward with both of the wedding rings and passes them around to each guest.

“Each guest then gets to ‘warm’ or bless the rings with love and kind thoughts for the couple and their marriage. Once they’ve passed through all the guests’ hands, they go back to the front to be held until it’s time for the couple to exchange rings.”

Also: Candle Lighting, Coin Exchange, Tree Planting, Water Ceremony, Lasso, Veil, Tea Ceremony


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