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Image by Kerri Shaver

Additional Services

Christina offers an array of other celebrations or ceremonies that she can officiate. Additionally, she offers hand-poured candles as wedding favours when ordered ahead of time. The candles are a beautiful and personal way to commemorate your wedding day.

Wedding Favours -Personalized Travel Candles Commemorating Your Day

Romantic 2 or 4 oz travel candles, hand-poured into a tin with your names and wedding date on the lid label can be purchased when ordered ahead of time. The candles are made from 100% pure soy wax and pure essential oils with either a cotton or hemp wick.  Using pure soy and essential oils significantly reduces allergic reactions commonly triggered by other toxic waxes such as paraffin, and synthetic fragrances that are often misleadingly labelled under natural fragrances or candles that have been advertised as having essential oils but then other synthetic fragrance is added. Our candles are 100% pure. You can also choose from a number of essential oils or combinations such as lemon and vanilla, or lavender or pine and spruce. The scent when the candle is burned is intricately light.

Other Ceremonies: Celebrations of Life, Baptisms, Baby Naming Ceremonies, House Purifying, Croning, and more

Christina has been trained and is experienced in performing other celebrations and ceremonies. A free consultation up to an hour is recommended to guarantee that your ceremony is personal and exactly what you wish for. For Celebrations of Life, the consultation has no time recommendation.  It will be as fast or slow-paced as required.

Country Venue for Elopements and Short and Sweet Weddings that require only a ceremony space

Christina offers her home to those who require a paper only or an elopement ceremony.  Prices are significantly reduced if  you drive to her area minutes from beautiful Lake Simcoe, Jackson's Point, The Briar's Resort.  During the warmer months, Christina has access to an 11-acre hobby farm with an array of backdrops for photos. There is a large tree with a tire swing, roaming chickens or not, landscaped field, and a forest backdrop. A wedding arch and table with chairs for up to 10 guests will be arranged in the area you prefer.  There is no charge for this venue and as already stated, there is an actual reduction in cost for traveling to her.

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