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Sample Letter to Expedite Your Marriage Licence Registration

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Here is a sample letter that could be given to your Officiant to request that your marriage licence be expedited for processing. The Officiant can attach this to your licence when they send it. Only your Officiant can mail your licence, so you need to provide your Officiant $25 to purchase and mail your items Xpress Post with a signature. The entire process, including the next steps for expediting your marriage certificate is explained here: Sample Letter:

The Office of the Registrar General

P.O. Box 4600, 3rd Floor

189 Red River Road Thunder Bay,

Ontario - P7B 6L8 Date: Attention: Marriage Office ​ This is a letter to request your office to please process my marriage licence# Gxxxxxx at your earliest convenience as we need to expedite the processing of our marriage certificate once this process is complete. I have already applied online requesting our marriage certificate and the order number is #xxxxxx. As a proof of urgency, I'm attaching a copy of my spouse's visa stamp which expires on xxx xx 20xx. According to the Canadian immigration rules, we need to apply for an extension and begin our immigration process for her to stay with me by xxx xx 20xx. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for us that we receive the requested documents as early as possible as we are required by the CIC immigration documents checklist to attach copies of our marriage certificate and registration. If you have any questions regarding this request, please feel free to contact me or my spouse at the information given at the end of this letter. Thank you, once again, for your cooperation and consideration. Sincerely, xxx x xxxxx Contact: xxx xxxxx:, xxxxxx @ xxxxx xxx xxxxx:, xxxxx @ xxxxxx ADD FOOTER ON BOTH THE PAGES: Ref: Marriage Licence# G xxxxxxx Marriage Certificate Tracking #xxxxxxx Attachment: Proof of Urgency - Visa Stamp/Invitations/Airline Tickets/Letters with Deadlines

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